“Help, our freemium users aren’t converting!”

So, you’re a SAAS startup with a terrific concept and you maybe even have a fair few users signed up for a free trial or freemium subscription. However, these freemium users aren’t converting into paying customers and you’re not sure why. What the heck?

Generally, there are three reasons why this be happening:

  1. Lack of value
  2. Poor usability
  3. Stressful onboarding

In this article, I’ll dive into these issues, discuss what exactly we can do to fix them, and as a result, convert those freemium users (and all future users) into paying customers.

1. Create More Value

When a free trial (or freemium) users don’t…

RealtimeBoard (now Miro) is a remote whiteboard tool for distributed teams. It’s designed for lean and agile software development, UX design, research, and mind mapping, just to name a few.

Collaboration with Miro is realtime and asynchronous. Miro offers templates for everything from kanban boards to user flow maps, and it also integrates with an impressive amount of other apps and tools. In this article, I’ll show you how it massively improves my product design workflow, specifically when it comes to collaborating with clients and presenting work-in-progress.

1. User Flow Maps

A user flow map is a diagram that represents all of the different…

Copywriting continues to evolve thanks to the web and the emergence of new content consumption platforms. Writers have gone from explaining why a product is a great buy to creating an entire user experience, working alongside web designers and developers.

User experience (UX) is the process of designing a website that both motivates specific ways of thinking and creates desired consumer behavior. Advances in design give us plenty of options to create a specific UX. A visitor to your website is influenced by the design of the website, the writing style, and the format. In essence, you are taking website…

Streamlining your design process and identifying what your potential users really value are both invaluable to launching new software products. Conducting a carefully orchestrated usability test can really help you improve the customer experience (CX). Testing gives you the opportunity to address design issues before completing the development phase.

A usability test puts users in front of you as they try out your software. You see them interact with the software to identify what is working as well as to spot any problems. In this post, we put together a brief guide to conducting successful usability tests!

Planning Phase


Ever wonder why the navigation bar on your smartphone is on the top and not the bottom? Why are comments at the bottom of the page instead of the side? The answer is not, “duh, where else would they be?” Believe it or not, the smartphone interfaces we have become accustomed to were not always intuitive. Companies interested in moving their content to smartphones must conduct UX research to ensure a seamless user experience. …

We are living in the Age of the Customer, and UX is leading the charge in web and mobile design. Humans have evolved beyond the point of buying products without researching or caring about reviews. The modern business must move past the old advertising methods that write in big bold letters, “Try X. We are the best!” There are too many comparable products out there that are also “the best.”

To survive in a market saturated with competition, companies must invest in developing their software products and other customer touchpoints around the user experience. The best way to assess your…

Over the years, UX designers have developed strategies that enable quick and efficient understanding of domains in complex industries. Proactive strategies that emphasize collaboration and focus on the needs of target audiences, facilitate stunning information architecture design. Let’s take a look at how UX designers can learn domains in complex industries and integrate usability into existing information architecture.

Information Architecture and User Experience

Information Architecture (IA) is a pretty old term. It basically focuses on the structure and organization of web content that helps the user easily navigate a website or web app. IA complexity can vary from a simple…

In the post Panda landscape, it seems all anyone can talk about are tips and tricks to drive traffic to websites, magnetic UX design, and social media interaction. While many of these issues are unique to digital platforms, cutting through the tech talk, we are all trying to do the same thing — sell our stuff. So how do we get our visitors to stop browsing and actually buy something?

Successful companies are constantly tracking the user experience (UX), tweaking it here and there to suit user needs and demands. …

Customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) are 21st century buzzwords that pop up in every product development meeting in the world. Yet many companies still don’t know how to integrate the two to accelerate profits. Customer experience involves a user’s experience with your company from beginning to end. This includes their interaction with your website, team, brand, app, and product. User experience refers to the experience users have when interacting specifically with your product.

Let’s take a look at each concept individually, see how they work together, and scrounge up some ideas on how to improve customer experience and…

Part I

Throughout my design career that spans just over a decade, I’ve had many conversations about a process designers of all types utilize to deliver their best work. I started my career as a self-taught designer, specializing in communication design; building websites for a wide range of businesses, designing promotional materials for printed media, and creating complete visual identities for new enterprises.

Naturally, conversations around process were very different back then. At the time, my colleagues and I were not building products for everyday use that solved a specific set of problems. …

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